Posted: 2018-01-26T120821EST.
Last Updated: 2018-01-26T144444EST


Currently we are looking for experienced PHP developers (or commercial studio) who are familiar with Docker, JavaScript, CSS, DICOM to help integrate CBrain and LORIS system for the Canadian Neonatal Brain Platform. The contract will be one year minimal starting immediately (post bureaucracy…). The ideal application entity should have prior working experiences with a variety of latest front-end and backend web technologies and RestfulAPIs to reduce development integration time with existing active open source development in both CBrain and Loris. The job duty would involve investigating CBrain and Loris RestAPIs and implement data exchange and workflow integration between them. Additional implementation of other open-source medical imaging analysis processing pipelines (such as MANTIS, NeoCIVET) may also be necessary and could lead to subsequent contract renewal. For more information about CBrain you can read more about them in this poster and paper, same for LORIS.


Compensation will be competitive to industry standard. Please use Glassdoor to gauge the national average of pay based on your experience and expertise for this type of developer job.


Work remote is possible but must be available on demand to meet in person regularly in Montreal (with 24h notice) with key development support teams at Montreal Neurological Institute and Sainte-Justine Hospital Research Center.


Non-negotiable mandatory skill-sets requirements

One year full-time working experience minimum in ALL of the following (please highlight this and relevant position/experience in your cover letter):

  • LINUX shell familiarity
  • PHP proficiencies
  • MySQL and/or NoSQL
  • Any kinds of RestfulAPI
  • Git/SVN version control system
  • CSS3 / HTML5 / W3C standards

Assets (in order of descending importance):

  • exposure with CBrain or LORIS system
  • medical imaging experience (MRI, DICOM)
  • Perl
  • CouchDB
  • Docker
  • server administration
  • clinical experience
  • software documentation experiences
  • ruby on rail
  • bootstrap
  • French
  • MatLab
  • machine learning
  • academic research experience
  • Xamarin / Android / iOS development

Beside these, obviously you need to be a human enough to communicate with us and report progress etc. Please, no genius and we enforce strict no @$$hole rule.


Those interested please reach out to addressing your cover letter to Dr. Gregory Lodygensky with your CV renamed as FIRSTNAME-LASTNAME.pdf. Only qualified Candidate will be contacted for subsequent rounds of interviews. Feel free to reach out should you have any other questions. We are an equal opportunity employer.

This posting will be taken down once fulfilled. If you are reading this, it means we are still looking :). Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. We prioritize applicants who demonstrate the ability to get shxt done quicker as we are facing very tight deadline.